Enhance Your Boat’s Appearance With Our Detailing Services

Enhance Your Boat’s Appearance With Our Detailing Services

Boat Detailing

There is no better feeling than placing your brand new, glistening boat in the water for the first time. Deckhand Marine Services is the leading provider of boat detailing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We provide a full detail and leave you with that new boat feeling every time you set sail. We endeavor to give you pride of ownership of your boat and preserve the condition and value of your investment.

Our full detail service restores your boat to its original luster and protects against future damage. These important steps might be taken regularly to secure a long life to your vessel

  • Pre-Wash - The pre-wash prepares your boat for the compound process
  • Compound- Adding the compound removes light scratches and restores the shine
  • Metals- Preparing the metals remove all oxidation
  • Detailed Washing- We provide a detailed wash, washing caulkings, seats, cushions, removing everything from compartments cleaning inside and returning things to the same location
  • Drying- Drying the boat prepares it for waxing and finishing
  • Waxing- The wax protects and brings out the new boat shine
  • Isinglass and window treatment- the window treatment makes these surfaces crystal clear, preventing clouding and yellowing
  • Metal Polishing- metal polishing is the final step to complete the process of restoration and protection, we provide the ultimate stainless steel shine with 3 steps process.

Allow Deckhand Marine Services to put all of the joy back into boat ownership, and remove all of the hassle. Put your boat in our capable hands and we guarantee that you will never look back.

Schedule a free demonstration with no obligation to buy – we are confident that you will find our services to be vital for the preservation of your boat.


Boat Cleaning

Deckhand Marine Services is the premium source for boat cleaning in Fort Lauderdale FL. We are dedicated to giving your vessel the “star treatment” and we have professional knowledge at our disposal when it comes to the best methods. It would be wonderful if boat ownership was all about relaxation and enjoyment, but in reality, it takes diligent work and a lot of elbow grease to get the most out of your craft.

It is imperative, for preservation of the exterior wax that a boat is washed on a weekly basis with mild, neutral pH boat soap. If washings are infrequent and abrasive cleaners are used this will leave your boat’s gelcoat or paint looking worn and aged. Our comprehensive cleaning package includes compartment’s gutter cleaning, salt removal and bird and spider drops and removal of stains.

Compounding is another necessary step that we perform at Deckhand Marine Services. It is advisable that we do a complete detail at your boat every three months. Our team at Deckhand Marine Services is well-versed in various types of compound, wax and polishers. We apply the ideal protection to suit the surface and condition of the gelcoat or paint of your boat, reducing the chance of oxidation.

We take the cleaning process very seriously for all types of boats, persistently researching the latest and greatest products on the market and customizing for each of our highly valued clients. Without these, a boat’s luster will eventually fade with exposure to UV rays, weather, dirt and salt. Contact us today for a demonstration of how we can make your boat the best it can be!


Yacht Detailing

Deckhand Marine Services is the foremost leader in yacht detailing in Fort Lauderdale FL. We pride ourselves in the meticulous level of service we provide to our yacht owners. We treat your treasured vessel as we would treat our own, customizing the job to be perfect for its specific needs.

Detailing is essential to yacht maintenance. Sun, wind, rain and sea water all have an impact on the exposed surfaces of a yacht’s finish. Materials such as stainless steel, vinyl, fiberglass and gelcoat suffer damage from the elements. With our professional detailing treatment you will see that new boat shine every time. Moreover, we at Deckhand Marine Services are constantly striving to improve our procedures and keep the newest, high-performance products at our disposal.

Our engine room detailing process is so incredibly thorough that we like to say you will be able to serve your guest’s dinner in your engine room! Believe it or not, we use a detailing brush even for this job, overspray on hoses is removed and rusted areas are treated and repainted with heat-resistant paint, and sprayed with rust protection. All metals on your yacht are rid of oxidation and ready to be polished for the most pristine and spotless shine.

Lastly, a thorough interior cleaning of your yacht will include the following and more:

  • Dusting
  • Cleaning Windows and Hatches
  • Hot Water Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal
  • Cleaning Cup Boards and Drawers
  • Vacuuming
  • Polishing and Dressing Wood
  • Sanitizing Showers and Galley

Deckhand Marine Services is proud to provide VIP service and incomparable professionalism in every component of our operation in the Fort Lauderdale FL area. Connect with us at your earliest opportunity to schedule a consultation.
We look forward to getting to know your yacht and bringing it back to the pristine condition that it deserves!

Deckhand Marine Services offers the finest yacht detailing services to ensure optimal performance.

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